Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Happy New Year, everyone :D

Today I want to show you my favorite nail polish that I discovered in 2012 - Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. I got it in July for my birthday. I read that it looks a lot like Clarins 230, also known as Unicorn Pee, which is now discontinued but retails for astonishing sums on eBay. ... Yeah.
This is what the bottle looks like:

Wow, right?

It's really an excellent nail polish. It's got a jelly consistency and it's meant to be layered over other shades. You can get away with one layer, but usually I prefer two. The thing is miraculous, really. It doesn't need a top coat because it lasts well enough and it's incredibly shiny on its own. And the shimmer is so intense that it will ruin your expectations of sparkly polishes forever. At least this is what it's done to me.

There is one thing that bothers me about it, though - the bottle is way too small! But otherwise it's absolutely perfect and I love it so much and it's perfect annnnnd why yes, I do have pictures. Right.

I layered it over shade 63 by Seventeen Cosmetics, which is a dark teal... sort of.

It looks much darker on the nails than on the bottle. This is actually the polish I was talking about in my review of YSL Wintergreen. It's far from being a dupe, but it kind of reminds me of it a little.

More pictures of Fantasy Fire layered over it:

Yes, it's the same polish. And so is this:

... and this:

 More fun with different lighting:

And this is what it looks like in direct sunlight:

Seriously, it's like fireworks for your fingers! 8D

I'm really, really pleased with this polish. It might just be my favorite of all times! Would I purchase it again? Actually I already have! I own three of these now. *nods slowly* First backups I ever got.

That's all for now! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day : )

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