Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barry M Copper Polish and MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

Oh hello :D

I can't believe how hard it is to find a black eyeshadow that's dark enough and has no trace of shimmer whatsoever. I did a Google search to find out what brand makes the blackest of black eyeshadows, and I decided to get MAC Carbon. The main reason why I didn't opt for another brand is because, out of all the black eyeshadows I read about, MAC Carbon was the easiest for me to find.

I flew through Copenhagen last week and I got Carbon from the duty-free MAC shop. I swatched it on the back of my hand, and I had to take it off with soap, which is a quality I rarely come across. This is what it looks like:

MAC Carbon

Here is how it compares to the only other matte blacks I own:

I'm quite satisfied with it. My favorite way to use it is to line my lower lash line with it, using either a pencil brush or a smudge brush. My lower eyelashes are really long, and I can't line my lower lash line with a pencil liner without getting the product all over them, which makes it impossible to apply mascara on top. Now I've finally found a black eyeshadow that's dark enough and really lasts! My favorite thing about it is that a little really goes a long way, which means it'll probably last a number of years.

There's actually a MAC shop in Bucharest too now, but when I checked they had probably run out of Carbon eyeshadows. The only downside to this product, and to MAC in general, is the price - it'll probably be quite a while before I make a second purchase from them.

And now for the nails...

Last evening I discovered a Barry M counter in Marionnaud, and I really wanted to try one of their nail polishes, so I got this one, 335 Copper. I even got a nice discount on it.

Barry M - Copper
I really love the shape of the bottle!

It's a metallic shade with lots of coppery, golden and sort of pinkish sparkles. I'd say the particles are medium sized, somewhere between glitter and shimmer. The first coat looks rather sheer, but the second makes it look perfectly opaque. It applies very smoothly, and the formula is quite fluid. It dries very fast.

Warning: these pictures were taken pre-cleanup and post-coffee.

Here is a closeup of my thumbnail:

And here is what it looks like with different lighting:

Artificial light

In the shade

I'm very happy with this polish, and it probably won't be my last Barry M purchase. Really good stuff.

That's all for today!

Happy holidays to everyone, and thank you for reading!

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