Sunday, December 9, 2012

Viva la Diva Kharma lipstick and Zoya Harmonie polish

Oh hi :D

I think I've finally found the perfect shade of purple lipstick! I've been wanting purple lips for a long time, but each shade of purple I've come across until now was either too light, too pink, or too red. But this...

... is exactly what I was looking for -  a blue-toned purple! It's Viva la VidaKharma, also known as #83. Here's what it looks like on the lips and on my wrist:

It's a really intense and daring shade! It has a bit of a metallic sheen to it. It sort of washes me out a little bit but I really don't mind at all. It applies smoothly and lasts surprisingly well.

It does have a couple of downsides though. If your lips aren't perfectly smooth, don't even think about it, because it will make them look even worse. Mine have seen better days too, to be honest. I'm actually thinking of getting a better lip balm at the moment. What I'd advise is to apply a ton of lip balm way in advance, and wipe it off before you put Kharma on.
Also, this color is really hard to get off, so you have to be extra careful not to mess it up! I'd love to use a lip liner underneath it, but I don't have anything that matches. I find that the best way to apply Kharma is to start with a very thin layer, spread it out to the corners of my lips with a brush, and then add another layer.

And now for the nails:

Zoya - Harmonie

I think I've had this polish for a couple of years now. I don't actually wear it as often as I should, but it's a really lovely color.

Zoya - Harmonie

At first I wasn't satisfied with it at all, because it was more sheer than I expected. In the previous picture I'm wearing two coats of it and no top coat. If you look at my pinkie nail you can actually see how sheer it still is.
It's not matte, but it's definitely got a slight rubbery look to it. I wouldn't call it a satin finish though. Actually, you know what? I'm going to quit trying to call it anything in particular. Let me show you more pics instead:

Fun with the bottle 8D

And finally, here's how it looks like with a top coat on. I use the Gel Look top coat by Essence:

Once more with feeling:

Top coat

No top coat

And since why the hell not, here's an eyeshadow to match it:

Urban Decay - Ecstasy, from the Book of Shadows Volume 2 Palette

Now everything is purple and nothing hurts.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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